Backtesting in Amibroker

From idea to trading strategy through backtesting. Ready-made profitable strategies included!

In this course we will learn how to use Amibroker – a robust, proven and high-quality backtesting tool.

What you’ll learn

  • Get familiar with Amibroker – installation, charting, backtesting, data.
  • Backtests – from simple intros to more advanced backtests.
  • Learn basics of Amibroker scripting language.
  • Backtesting concepts important for practical and successful trading.
  • Connect backtest and trading – trade what you backtested.
  • No need to purchase Amibroker full version for this course, free version will be sufficient up to some extent.

Course Content

  • Introduction and Amibroker basics –> 7 lectures • 28min.
  • Backtesting – basics –> 8 lectures • 1hr 15min.
  • Backtesting – intermediate –> 11 lectures • 1hr 36min.

Backtesting in Amibroker


In this course we will learn how to use Amibroker – a robust, proven and high-quality backtesting tool.

But much more than that! We will learn how to construct trading strategies from scratch and then we will build up a backtest, which discovers whether a strategy is profitable or not. For the course to be complete and useful, we will also look how to trade such strategy in the real live.

You can complete the course with Amibroker free version, no need to buy full version, though it is recommendable.

So we will start with the platform itself, then build up some backtesting basics, learn a few scripting functions just enough to construct a trading strategy and be able to backtest it and trade it.

On the way, we will learn how to think like a trader!

You can backtest anything which has a chart. We will focus primarily on stocks, but the same can be applied to crypto, currencties or futures.

As we will need some scripting knowladge, I will teach you the basics of the AFL language. But no worry, this is not a professional coding and you will see that a good strategy can be coded in a few simple lines.

That is actually one of the crucial ideas of the whole course – keep things simple, don’t overcomplicate it. The best trading strategies are simple and so are the main principles of trading itself.

I will also provide you with ready-made, backtested, profitable trading strategies, which you can just take and use right away for training purposes.

I am adding all script codes as course Resources, so you can just copy paste it in your own Amibroker.

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