Become a Trader from scratch

A complete course for beginner

Welcome in this course.

What you’ll learn

  • become a profitable trader.
  • trade like a pro.
  • support and resistance strategy.
  • how to trade the pull back.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 2 lectures • 13min.
  • The foundation –> 5 lectures • 1hr 35min.
  • Trading psychology –> 1 lecture • 20min.

Become a Trader from scratch


Welcome in this course.

So you want to become a trader ? in this course i am showing you how to become a profitable trader. To be completely honnest this course is not for full newbiews. So you should know something about trading. If you are full beginner, please skip this course.

This course is for people who are struggling to become a profitable trader, people who know that they can do it and they are frustrutated still. So this course is the messing link if you will.

So in this course we will try to add another brick to this future trader.

And that what i am aiming for, because i know and i have been there the feeling that you know you can do it and there s something that if you just unlock you will get there.

And in this course that what we are doing, i am gonna show you the blind spot, things that you cant see, and if you just see these things you will operate in a whole different level.

The strategy is basic and understandable IF YOU GO AND PRACTICE A LOT

Its : support and resistance, i am showing in this course how to actually trade support and resistance like a pro.

And trading the pullback

Thanks i see you in class

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