High Frequency Trading and Momentum Scalping Techniques

Momentum Scalping, Spoofing Computer Algorithms, Reversal Betting while Managing Risk and Position Sizing

Thank you for taking the first Stocks Boot Camp course on demy!

What you’ll learn

  • LIVE TRADING – When to avoid playing the reversal on the long side.
  • LIVE TRADING – Statistical probability of consolidation breakouts and breakdowns.
  • LIVE TRADING – When to bet aggressively on reversals.
  • LIVE TRADING – How to spot accurate breakouts based on volume confirmation.

Course Content

  • High Frequency Day Trading and Scalping Techniques –> 7 lectures • 48min.

High Frequency Trading and Momentum Scalping Techniques


Thank you for taking the first Stocks Boot Camp course on demy!

This course covers numerous scenarios that high frequency intraday and swing traders come across.   Often traders are struck with trading fear paralysis when their stock sinks or a major negative news event hits the wires.   Suddenly market sentiment changes from good to bad in a matter of seconds.

My lectures teach correct position sizing based on market sentiment and volume strength, as well as using option volume as a tool to solidify breakouts.  Although this course is geared mostly towards day-traders, at times even they hold positions overnight or even use stop losses.

You can see me trade LIVE scalping momentum value names and realizing profits on a typical trading day.   You will learn how to exit large positions during pre-market in order to avoid market makers dropping the bid price.

You also should be able to identify true reversals from fake bull/bear traps and see a live example of spoofing algorithms.

Aggressive betting on reversals is imperative.  If you don’t bet heavily at true reversals, you just missed a rare opportunity that won’t be available for quite some time.  However, if you bet aggressively on a fake reversal, then you just lost a lot of money and possibly margin money that wasn’t yours.

Lastly, the lectures are accompanied by quizzes for each segment with time slots next to each question for you to refer back in the video.


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